What We Do

The ‘Children of the Eucharist’ programme follows a specific format. Detailed guidelines are issued to schools and parishes to follow which, we can provide upon request. This model has worked very well so far and we are confident that by following it, Children’s Eucharistic Adoration will become a core part of the formation in faith of our young people nationwide. All volunteers who participate in the programme follow the national guidelines for the safeguarding and protection of children and must be vetted through their local school or parish.

School Presentations

These include a brief introduction given by a trained COTE Advisor about the sacraments (Confession, Holy Communion and Confirmation) a DVD related to the Eucharist, and a demonstration and explanation of the monstrance. The presentation in the school normally takes an hour. Then we would go to the local church and guide the children in a time of prayer, song and quite time in front of the Blessed sacrament.

Guided Eucharistic Adoration

The programme is normally carried out monthly by participating schools for a half hour in church or oratory in the school. We explain and show children how to pray and adore the Blessed Sacrament and develop a real relationship with Jesus. This is usually led by team leaders in the area, guiding children through prayer, bible stories, rosaries, songs and sharing.

Parish Level

This is a similar programme to the above and it’s conducted at parish level.


Training is provided for parents, lay and religious who would like to continue the programme under the Children of the Eucharist programme. It’s important to work together to enhance and protect the programme going forward.