These quotes are confirmation that the Holy Spirit is very much at work through this ministry. The meditation on scripture is of great importance for the formation of COTE leaders.

Knowing Jesus is an eternal journey. One of the best ways to travel this path is to study His Word within a group. It reminds me of a prism which allows light to pass through a glass separating it into different colours. The scripture group is very similar.
Jesus shows Himself in a unique and separate way to each person that meditates on His Word, yet amazingly there is always a similar thread that flows through each of our reflections.
The wonder of it all is that the Holy Spirit is teaching us so much through each other.  The gift of spiritual direction after our study brings us deeper into the Real Presence of Jesus in the Gospel than we could ever have done on our own and that is probably our greatest blessing.
Now I feel more confident going into the schools to lead children into Eucharistic Adoration. The more I can know Jesus in His Word the more I can help to bring Jesus into the hearts of the children as they spend time with Him in Adoration.

– Kentstown Scripture Group, Co. Meath – Jackie Weldon

While I was asked to help out with the scripture group, the group in fact has helped me. I am always deeply touched by the depth and the richness of the sharing. Such sharing always convicts me of the presence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of those in the group. Being in the group for me is an experience of how the Holy Spirit helps us expound the mysteries of our faith that is in the Scriptures. You can’t help but walk away each time knowing that we are all caught up into something that is above and beyond us.

– Kentstown Scripture Group, Co. Meath – Br. Jesse Maingot O.P., Spiritual Director

The scripture reflection group in Bweeng has been meeting now for over a year. We have about 8 to 10 participants every month. we all look forward to the meetings it is amazing to discover how much we can get out of a short passage of scripture and how everyone’s reflections are so different. As well as this I find we learn from each other, and we have very good and open discussions. which help us to get to know each other better thus the group has bonded together very well. In short, the group is a gift from Jesus to the parish.

– Ladysbridge Scripture Group, Co. Cork – Fr. Chris Donlon

“Where two or more are gathered in my name, I will be with you.”(Matt 18:20). Jesus keeps this promise to us each time our Mary Magdalene scripture group meets. He has always provided our group with a priest to guide and bless us. With the written word in the centre of our table, our group has been enriched in our ministry and in turn enriched our communities. Through the action of the Holy Spirit, each member of our group has grown to truly appreciate the words of Psalm 8 “How great is your name O lord our God, through all the earth” and through the children he has fulfilled his will, ” from the lips of children and infants, the Lord has found praise to foil his enemies”. (Psalm 8).

– Galway Scripture Group – Kevin Higgins

It’s hard to put into words how much the scripture group has helped my faith. I can only describe it as a deepening conversion experience. Meditating on God’s word has given me such an experience of His presence amidst the pots and pans, cows and calves. The discipline of turning one’s mind to the scripture piece, while sometimes challenging, gives me a sense of light and peace, and it has enabled me to sense God’s Will for me in each moment and circumstance. I suppose through it I’m learning to become more recollected and fulfil St Paul’s direction to ‘pray always’. In addition to meditating on the scripture group piece, I also try to meditate on the upcoming children’s adoration scripture as preparation for the next session. This I find to be invaluable. The children have really taken to the scripture too. The prayerful discussion of God’s word has increased the sense of reverence around the Blessed Sacrament. I can only pray that the experience of God ‘s presence in Word and Sacrament will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

In essence, I suppose the biggest benefit from the group for me has been it’s deepening of my prayer life, which in turn will help me to lead the children to a deeper experience of prayer, God willing. 

It has also been a beautiful thing to journey in this with other leaders. Their friendship and solidarity is a great blessing. I am truly grateful.

– Tipperary Scripture Group – Caroline Molan

Our scripture group has not only helped me get closer to the word of God, it has bonded our COTE group and we feel closer and better equipped to bring the children to Jesus. God is Good!

– Claudy Scripture Group, Co. Derry – Pauline O’Neill