The benefits of COTE are numerous both to children and their families.

  • Children discover that the Sacred Host is actually the person of Jesus, mysteriously hidden.
  • They have a deeper desire to pray.
  • They are more attentive at Mass.
  • They develop a strong faith in the real presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.
  • What we learn as children will remain with us and help us to stay close to Jesus.
  • Hopefully, in their teenage years, these same children will find in Jesus a best friend, giving them strength, light and inspiration.
  • Many become aware of sin and seem more eager to receive the Sacrament of Confession more frequently.
  • Even for children who have not yet received their First Holy Communion, Eucharistic Adoration is a great way to help them receive Jesus in their heart through spiritual communion and afterwards, will increase in them the desire for frequent Holy Communion.
  • Families accompanying their children to Adoration witness a growing desire for peace and forgiveness within the family.
  • When children become real friends with Jesus, by spending time with Him, they become living signs of faith in Jesus’ real presence in the Eucharist, especially for those who doubt.
  • Children going to Adoration are wonderful signs of hope for those who despair in finding God on Earth.